About King23
a lightweight PHP MVC Framework

King23 is a small and simple MVC Framework which was created in 2010. Recently an effort started to refactor and rebuild the framework to support modern standards.

King23 is OpenSource Software and Licensed under the MIT License.

King23 is not meant to replace the big frameworks you might allready know (Zend / Symfony / Laravel.. you name it.) but grew out of my need for a small framework for some smaller private projects of mine. (Its start it got specifically with ECOTRA, a conflict tracking software for EVE Online, which was used for for a website called Northern-Crusade.com, ever since it has been used to drive several websites/apps)

If you dont know basics about programming in PHP or some design patterns, meaning if your a PHP starter, don't bother trying this out, for other frameworks you will find much more tutorials that will give you a start in how things work.

© Copyright Peter Petermann, 2010 - 2018
running on King23 Version: 4.1.1